Teacher Training Institute

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Newmark’s innovative, statewide Teacher Training Institute was created in response to the overwhelming need for school districts to have more extensive training to accommodate the needs of behaviorally challenged students in traditional school settings.

As leaders working with behavioral disordered children, we strongly feel it is our responsibility to share the benefits of our experience by training other professionals in our unique teaching model that has proven to be remarkably successful.

teacher with studentsWe understand that every child may experience some emotional, social, and/or behavioral issues. Most of these issues can be addressed by the professional within your district. Sometimes, however, a student’s behavior is so troublesome that district personnel need outside consultants to advise, instruct, develop programs and behavior plans to address this child’s needs.

What We Offer

A key component to our effective training is that teachers and paraprofessionals come to our school campus to observe Newmark’s highly skilled professionals shape student behaviors in the classroom.

  • Seminars: Comprehensive onsite presentation seminar series combined with online training and and support.
  • Consulting: In-house consulting services to assist partner schools districts working closely with students with behavior disorders, designed to meet your specific needs.

For more information, please contact Cynthia Allman, Executive Director at 908-753-0330.

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